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Standard B2B marketing approaches and agency models are failing businesses. Everything we do is with the aim of stacking the odds in your favour.

Long careers in B2B sales and marketing left us both disillusioned with the way agencies work and frustrated by superficial marketing outcomes. Time and again we saw slow-moving campaigns deliver little in the way of commercial impact, run by junior jacks of all trades, paid by the day and not impact.

Here was our opportunity to deliver commercial results – faster, more effectively and with a real share in the risk and reward. Confident we could shake things up and make a meaningful contribution to business growth, we quit our jobs to establish Stack. Three core principles guide our work:

  1. Clear focus.

    Selling all things to all people isn’t a viable strategy – we help clients stack the odds in their favour by focussing their sales and marketing resources on the right opportunities. This discipline governs our approach too – we know what we’re good at and won’t try to sell you the earth.

  2. Bold ambition.

    We’re here for your biggest sales and marketing challenges, breaking down barriers to growth to reach your most elusive buyers and win more valuable work.

  3. Real stakes.

    We’re eager to share in the risk and the reward with you – financially committed to making every project a success. We’re paid by results, not by the hour.


Meet Rachael

With an inquisitive nature and a healthy disrespect for the status quo, Rachael is drawn to new ideas and approaches that challenge conventional thinking.

When it comes to understanding sales and marketing in large B2B organisations, her in-house and agency experience takes some beating. She’s worked in sales, client account management, senior marketing and business development roles with enterprise tech and professional services brands, including Dropbox, S&P Global and Grant Thornton. She also worked in PwC’s only revenue-generating global marketing team.

Her talent is for diagnosing B2B sales and marketing challenges and knowing where campaigns will deliver business results. That’s how she managed to achieve year-on-year, double-digit growth for the UK’s most award-winning B2B agency.

Always open to new experiences – and with an inability to say no to a challenge – Rach has found herself coerced into running two marathons, climbing the highest peaks in the UK and most recently, learning how to DJ.

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Meet Alex

Alex has spent the last ten years designing research-backed campaigns that help organisations sell. She’s worked with companies of all shapes, sizes and sectors in B2B – from professional services leaders like Linklaters, Korn Ferry and KPMG, to household names like Bupa, and fast growth players shaking up the market. She has never had a campaign flop. In fact, her work has always delivered wins, leads, engagement, profile, awards or a combination of all five.

While Rach loves a chat, Alex prefers to get down to business. Honed over years working with time-poor stakeholders, finding the fastest route to the best result is her superpower. She has run more workshops than you can shake a stick at and has a knack for making surprising connections between what organisations do and what their clients care about – the creative magic that turns into new business.

Quantitative evidence sits at the heart of all of Alex’s campaigns – she knows how to design research that creates a powerful call to action. Working with data experts, she’s proved the dollar value of people to the global economy, quantified the bottom line impact of digital practices and raised the alarm on the viability of life insurance business models.

Alex is most likely to be found in the kitchen. She is obsessed with good food, cookbooks, restaurants and wine, and runs a foodie Instagram (@epicutieslondon) and supper club with her friend.